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Blasting accessories are the key to success for explosive initiation and its performance. Parallel to the evolution of explosives, different blasting accessories include various initiating devices that supplements modern electric and non-electric initiation systems are been produced at Biafo Industries limited.

Biafo is offering these state of art accessories according to customer’s requirement and proud to declare these as “Symbol of Quality”. Our success story to produce all accessories listed below is beyond number counts. We are producing both instantaneous and delay system accessories has many feature like;

  • Energetic initiation of the modern explosives, which is much more insensitive than classical dynamites.
  • Delay detonator series have excellent control over initiation times to improve desired results like fragmentation.
  • Punctual Priming (either at the top or base of the blast hole) and/ or Axial Priming.
  • Accurate performance, reliability & flexibility in breakage operations, while ensuring and maintaining a higher degree of Safety for personnel & installations.

Following products are being manufactured:

  1. Plain Detonators
  2. Electric Detonator Instantaneous
  3. Seismic Electric Detonators
  4. Delay Electric Detonator
  5. Non-Electric Delay Detonator – Binel
  6. Two Way Delay Relays
  7. Biafo Cord
  8. Safety Fuse